Attention All Chefs!

This page is for you! Please feel free to try any of the recipes below. And you are more than welcome to submit any of your own recipes to share 🙂

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Morning Snack Recipes

B-creamy wheat berry hot cereal

B-homemade cereal

B-orange polentina


B-quick breakfast taco

B-rise and shine breakfast hash

B-scrumptious scrambled eggs

B-S-fabulous french toast

B-S-morning glory muffins

B-S-sweet potato pancakes

B-S-tutti-frutti muesli

Lunch Recipes

L-minestrone soup

L-mini greek pizza muffins

L-mini mushroom turkey quiches

L-no-bake mac & cheese

L-nova scotia vegetable hodge podge

L-old fashioned mac & cheese

L-old fashioned spaghetti & meatballs

L-pasta with tomato sauce

L-peas to penne

L-potato & cheddar soup

L-powerful pea soup

L-ratatouille pasta

L-roasted red pepper & hummus wraps

L-salmon cakes

basic cheese sauce

everyday salad dressing

L-apple & rice confetti salad

L-apple chicken salad

L-baked potato & black-bean topping

L-bbq chicken and corn rice

L-bean bolognese

L-broccoli and cheddar frittata

L-broccoli-cheese chowder

L-burger bbq cups

L-butternut squash & sweet potato soup

L-celery & broccoli soup

L-cheddar cauliflower soup

L-chef’s own chicken noodle soup

L-chicken cacciatore

L-chicken fettuccini alfredo

L-chicken parsnip apple stew

L-chickpea and zucchini curry

L-chuckwagon taco pie

L-corn bean & rice salad

L-egg fried rice

L-fiesta chicken w beans and rice

L-fish sticks

L-garden-fresh chicken stir fry

L-gobble me up turkey

L-green pizza

L-grilled cheese sandwich w hidden zucchini

L-hashbrown cauliflower quiche

L-hearty chili

L-hearty veggie lasagna

L-hidden cauliflower tomato mac & cheese

L-indian dal

L-lean beef tacos

L-lentil soup

L-loaded twice-baked potatoes

L-lovely lentils

L-mac & cheese hidden winter squash

L-mediterranean chicken pasta salad

L-mexican chicken quesadillas

L-mexican fiesta stew

Snack Recipes for morning and afternoon

S-chocolate coconut carrot brownie

S-cottage cheese veggie dip

S-cranberry mini loaves w flaxseeds

S-creamy rice pudding

S-creamy spinach dip

S-curried carrot dip w cauliflower

S-fresh peaches w blueberries & yogurt

S-gourmet guacamole

S-grandmas rolled oat cookies


S-healthy banana cookies

S-healthy fruit smoothie

S-homemade chicken noodle soup

S-honey oat quick bread

S-lemon-cranberry muffins

S-oat bran mini muffins

S-apple cinnamon muffins

S-awesome applesauce

S-baby biscotti biters

S-banana bread

S-banana oatmeal cookies

S-berry ready smoothie

S-berry tasty muffins

S-blueberry blast smoothie

S-blueberry-maple muffins

S-cherry vanilla oatmeal

S-carrot cake

S-carrot & banana muffins

S-breakfast parfait

S-bran muffins